Blanton's Original

Single Barrel

Dump date 8/9/17 WHS-H  Rick #1 93 proof Barrel #1195



Nose: First sniff brings forward a nice warm vanilla scent. Swirling it around brings out some honey and stronger vanilla.

Taste: Initial sip brings that sugar taste I love so much about Blanton’s. Something I do not get with the nose, but always do with taste, is a hint of orange. It is full all the way through.

Finish: It has an amazing finish. Sweetness that wraps up to the perfect warmth and a hint of citrus to leave you wanting more.

Overall: Blanton’s delivers a consistent experience every time, which is something to tout for a bourbon that ages differently due to its storing methods. The Original never disappoints with a full taste and a finish that keeps bringing you back to the bottle. While Blanton’s is a harder bourbon to get your hands on, it’s worth every penny. In retail locations, this can go for anywhere between $55-$85. Good luck hunting. Cheers!

Added Water (reluctantly): After 5 drops of water, the sugar taste fades away. After 10 drops of water, the sugar is gone entirely and vanilla is the only thing present.

*Full disclosure: I warm my palette before tasting any bourbon. Typically with a potato vodka. It’s always treated me better and I feel I get a much better nose and finish by doing this.

---Bryan B.