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George T. Stagg Proofs by Year/Batch

George T. Stagg, or GTS for short, is a yearly release by Buffalo Trace and part of the BTAC set that comes out each year.  It is a barrel proof bourbon aged around 15 years. Because it’s barrel proof, each year can deliver varying proofs.

Below is a helpful list of all the GTS releases by year with their corresponding proof. Using the proof is an easy way to identify which year of GTS you’re looking at. Alternatively, you can look on the bottom of the back of the bottle for a laser code for recent releases to locate the first two numbers after the letter to verify the year as well.

Retail for GTS is around $119 but typically you find them on the shelf at much higher price points. These bottles can fetch over $500 on the secondary market and even higher for the older or more coveted releases such as some of the hazmat years (140+ proof).

A lot of veteran bourbon hunters were not pleased with the 2019 release. It was the lowest proof (116.9) in the history of GTS and just wasn’t what enthusiasts have come to know from the GTS of past years.  I tend to fall into that line of thinking myself with the 2017 release being my favorite from the past few years. But I also haven’t had the privilege of tasting some of the older ones. 

Year Proof
2002 137.6
2003 142.7
2004 129
Spring 2005 – Lot A (KY) 130.9
Spring 2005 – Lot B (Non-KY) 131.8
Fall 2005 141.2
2006 140.6
2007 144.8
2008 141.8
2009 141.4
2010 143.0
2011 142.6
2012 142.8
2013 128.2
2014 138.1
2015 138.2
2016 144.1
2017 129.2
2018 124.9
2019 116.9
2020 130.4

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