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BTAC – Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

So you’re with some avid whiskey lovers or perhaps some taters (we’ll cover that term separately) and you hear the term BTAC. What they’re referring to is the highly allocated and coveted Buffalo Trace Antique Collection that comes out each year.

What’s in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection?

There’s currently five whiskey lines included.

  1. George T. Stagg (GTS)
  2. Sazerac 18 year Rye (SAZ 18)
  3. William Larue Weller (WLW)
  4. Thomas H. Handy (THH)
  5. Eagle Rare 17 (ER17)

Each line has been around for different timelines and has different features but that can get covered in a separate blog. Hopefully now when you hear BTAC you’ll feel a little more armed in the conversation.

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