Every family has at least one member they don’t acknowledge publicly. For what’s said to be the mash bill number #2 bourbons made by Buffalo Trace, that unacknowledged member is Hancock's President's Reserve single barrel bourbon. Other brands of the mash bill number two family include Blanton's, Elmer T Lee, Rock Hills Farms, and Ancient Age.


Hancock’s President’s Reserve (HPR)
Single Barrel. $49 at Total Wine. Bought this because it was my first time seeing this bottle on the shelf.

HPR comes from the higher rye mashbill #2. Bottled at 88.9 proof.

Tasted this Neat.

Nose: alcohol up front. I let it breathe to get the apple, caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Palate: Apple sweetness is predominate. To me, it is similar to ER with the added depth of rye and oak. Rye spice came through in the middle, but goes away abruptly. The finish is smooth and light with a lingering aftertaste of honey and vanilla.

Overall, HPR reminds me of a mix of ETL, ER, and Blantons that has been watered down. This is a good introductory bourbon. Im a sucker for sweeter bourbons. With the scarcity of Blanton’s (my go to drinker) at retail price, I will definitely stockpile a few HPRs for sipping and sharing. Not to mention the labels are Garnet and Gold Go Noles!


--Henry P.