Whiskey Project High Rye Straight Bourbon

"The 2016 release showcases easily one of the best american whiskey offerings; Bourbon. We stumbled across these twelve barrels of high-rye bourbon which originated at the old Seagrams facility in Lawrenceburg, IN. We purchased them as a nine year old bourbon where they finished aging in our facility. For the 2016 release we teamed up with Blake Riber from Bourbonr.com to join in the adventure. Our entire team tasted through all 12 barrels and selected 5 that easily stood apart on their own. Those 5 will be released as a single barrel bottling. The remaining 7 barrels were blended in varying degrees to make up our small batch release of this label."


10 year   104 proof

Nose: Sweet vanilla before the swirl. Caramel, oak, and some rye after swirled for ten seconds.

Taste: Spicy up front when it hits the tongue. Some oak through the middle. Nice sweetness to the end.

Finish: It doesn’t stay too long. A little of oak but it’s caramel sweet. It was a smooth and an enjoyable finish.

Overall: It’s a sweet bourbon neat. I’m proud to be drinking this bourbon. It’s a brain child of a Florida distillery that I truly believe are doing things the right way. It’s sourced from MGP for 9 years then finished in Florida for year 10. They hope to do this again and I hope they do as well. It retails from what I’ve seen between $75-$85. Not a ton left on the shelves, glad I bought one while I could (not purchased at the distillery). I visited the distillery and will be posting a follow up review for that soon. Cheers!

Added Water: After 5 drops of water not much change. After 10 drops of water, it mellows out entirely.

--Bryan B.