Old Forester CFBP “King Charlie”

Private single barrel pick 90 Proof

Nose: So much vanilla right off the bat. A little alcohol follows up. A nice touch of oak and sweetness round it out.

Taste: Very light in the forward palate. Then the flavor rushes in. Oak with heavy caramel. It finishes out with cherry and brown sugar. The brown sugar is something I often don’t get from Old Forester.

Finish: The finish is great for a lower proof pour. The cherry flavor lingers in the finish and almost entirely on the mid palate. The brown sugar fades slowly.

Overall: This was a great pick all around. A tribute to a legend and the last of his kind. Just like this pick, Charlie was one in a million. A delicious pour that delivers from beginning to end. And for $40, I’m buying every time. I wish this bottle had an unlimited supply, because drinking it daily is what I’m about. Cheers!

Score: 8.00/10

Added Water: After 5 drops of water, the alcohol is gone. After 10 drops of water, it turns into a sweet honey bomb.

*Full disclosure: I warm my palate before tasting any bourbon. Typically with a potato vodka. It’s always treated me better and I feel I get a much better nose and finish by doing this.

Bryan B.