Rebellion Bourbon

Hand-crafted from a mash bill of 70-72% corn and 28-30% small grains, such as rye and barley, distilled in a copper still, Rebellion Bourbon is aged 6 years in oak, achieving 94 proof.


6 year      94 proof

Nose: Tobacco before the swirl. Vanilla, oak, strong alcohol after swirled for ten seconds.

Taste: Strong alcohol taste. This one is spicy for sure. Oak is strong through the middle. Heat in the mix too.

Finish: It lingers. Oak and almost a licorice taste. About a minute or so it leaves you.

Overall: It’s a hot bourbon neat. Will definitely be one for long days at the office. Not a bourbon I would offer to a first time bourbon drinker. It retails from what I’ve seen between $52-$65. This was gifted to me. I think there are better bourbons at a lower cost.

Added Water: After 5 drops of water not much change. After 10 drops of water, the heat dissipates.

*Full disclosure: I warm my palette before tasting any bourbon. Typically with a potato vodka. It’s always treated me better and I feel I get a much better nose and finish by doing this.

--Bryan B.